Best-Beardcare Affiliate / Ambassador Program

Promote Beard Care & Get Rewarded

Become a Best-Beardcare Ambassador:

Promote Beard Care & Get Rewarded

Are you an influencer looking for an exciting opportunity to share your love for beard care and grooming? Look no further than the Best-Beardcare Ambassador Creator Program. As an ambassador, you'll have the chance to create and promote content that showcases our products and educates others on the importance of proper beard care. In return, you'll receive free products, commissions on sales, and increased exposure on our social media channels. Here's what you need to know to become a Best-Beardcare Ambassador Creator.


As a Best-Beardcare Ambassador, you'll receive several perks that make it worth your while. These include:

Free Products

Free products when you accept content requests we send


Commission for every piece of content you create & get paid for every sale you make


Increased exposure on our channels as we will repost some of your content, which in turn will help grow your channels

Special Discount

Influencers get discounts as our brand ambassadors. High avg. engagement equals higher discounts.

Our beard care brand is the missing piece to your influencer puzzle

Join our beard care company and let's groom greatness together

Promotion through Social Media

As a Best-Beardcare Ambassador, you'll primarily promote our productsthrough social media channels like YouTube, Tik Tok, and Instagram.

We'll ask you to create and share photos and videos that showcase our products in action and share your bearding journey. It's essential that you're comfortable on camera and knowledgeable about beard care and grooming. In return, we'll repost some of your content, giving you more exposure and helping grow your channels.

Qualifications to Become an Ambassador Creator

We're looking for individuals who are passionate about beard care and willing to share their journey with others. To become an Ambassador Creator, you must:

  • Be willing to put yourself out there and share your own beard journey to help educate and promote Best-Beardcare.
  • Have an engaged following on one or many social media channels, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok. You must also use our products and understand how they work and how they can help other beardsmen with their beard care and grooming routine.
  • Have a good character and work ethic. We believe in actions over words at Best-Beardcare, and we're looking for positive and outgoing individuals who work well with others.
  • Be able to understand that you represent a group of beardos from all walks of life, races, and religions. Please act accordingly and do not misrepresent or act unprofessional.
  • Be willing to help create content by writing or being in pictures and video. We call on all of our reps to contribute and eventually be in advertising and all over our social media channels.
  • Have facial hair of any type or size.

  • The Best-Beardcare Ambassador / Creator Program is a fantastic opportunity for influencers and brand advocates to promote beard care and grooming while receiving great perks in return. If you're passionate about beard care and grooming, have an engaged following on social media, and are willing to create content that showcases our products and educates others, then we invite you to become a Best-Beardcare Ambassador Creator.

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